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Shorepower for ships and rivercruisers

Modern Shorepower connections enable large vessels to connect to electricity on the quay across ports throughtout Europe. From small rivercruisers ships to large sea vessels. All types of connections and capabilities possible. The harbour becomes much cleaner with Involtum!

Park And Power

Under the Park and Power brand, Involtum offers EV charging facilities in Europa. Park and Power is set up as an independent payment and activation platform and can be linked to any charging hardware infrastructure. It is combining more traditional card reader activation with newer app based payment services.

Event Power

Market and Event Power is a service of Involtum for electricity supplies used by markets, festivals and other events. The existing power supplies are on squares, large areas and parks. These power supplies replace polluting diesel generators currently used. Event Power is simply app based operated by users.


AanUit.net is the market leader in The Netherlands providing online access to electricity and other utilities at marinas and camper sites. Owners of boats and camper sites simply use their mobile phone, internet or a dedicated app to switch on electricity. Next to electricity they can easily activate tap waters, WiFi access and even pay for mooring fees.AanUit.net is now in operation at more than 60 locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. AanUit is better known overseas as YoreOn.
In other countries this label is better known as YoreOn. To site operators we also offer cloud payment terminals and payment tablets.

AppWash Miele

AppWash Miele is a European wide partnership between Involtum and Miele, offering payment solutions for washing machines and dryers at co-living apartments and student accommodations. Involtum takes care of machine activation and all payment related services.


NomadPower van Involtum biedt stroomvoorzieningen voor koel- en vrieswagens langs de belangrijkste Europese transportroutes. Chauffeurs kunnen tijdens rust- en wachturen hun lading koelen op een van de 300 NomadPower stroompunten in plaats van de vervuilende aggregaat.

Electric boating

Involtum provides power facilities for electric boats and yachts. Involtum is offering a specially designed e-boat charging pedestal. App based activation offers full insight in consumption and makes it possible to include reservations.

Shorepower for inland shipping

Shorepower for inland shipping offers power facilities for inland shipping in Germany, The Netherlands, France and Belgium. Involtum has over 5 years’ experience in arranging electricity for thousands of vessels. From small barges to large inland ships. All types of connections and capabilities possible.

Involtum Platform

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