The e-truck is coming!

The e-truck is coming!

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If you can charge on-board transport refrigeration trailers (upcoming e-trucks), you can of course also use those charging facilities to charge the increasing number of electric trucks. In this blog, Hans Bevers, co-founder of Involtum, explains why such a charging infrastructure is not only a smart solution along the major European road corridors, but also locally at truck parking places in and around towns and boroughs.

Power is power

At NomadPower we are working on a European charging network for refrigeration trailers. By plugging in to one of the NomadPower charging points and activating power supply using a smartphone, drivers can simply cool their cargo using clean electric power during stops and rest periods. This is a lot more sustainable, quiet and cheaper than using polluting diesel generators. However, power is power, so all NomadPower charging locations can also be used to charge batteries of electric trucks.

Increasing demand for charging infrastructure

Let’s take a look at some numbers first. It is expected that, in The Netherlands alone, 50,000 large electric trucks will be driving on our roads 2035. The annual electricity demand to charge those trucks will be about 80 percent of that of electric cars. According to ACEA, this means that the number of charging points for trucks throughout Europe will have to increase from almost zero to 37,000 in 2025 and 290,000 2030. Most charging capacity will be for charging points with a charging rate of less than one hundred kilowatts.

Types of charging locations

Many truck manufacturers are in the process of launching new electric trucks models. Initially, these will have a limited range of about 250 to 300 kilometers, which makes them particularly suitable for urban distribution. But within a few years there will be trucks with a range of 800 to 900 kilometers. Just as is the case with car charging, there will be a need for different types of charging locations for trucks. No less than 90 percent of the daily energy demand can be met charging at the company’s own business park or at shared charging hubs. But access to fast charging along the motorways, at truck parking areas and service areas must also be facilitated.

Why not use what’s already there?

The NomadPower infrastructure was initially set up to charge on-board cool units using medium-fast AC charging stations. If electric trucks will soon take up a large part of the parking spaces, why not use this existing infrastructure? Providing electricity for charging refrigeration trailers or for overnight charging of electric trucks makes no difference. The technology is there, now it’s all about scaling up at the right locations.

Want to know more?

With growing numbers of electric trucks on the road over the next years, there will also be a growing demand for truck charging infrastructure at public charging locations near distribution centers, truck parks and at inner-city distribution hubs. We are ready for it, using the existing charging network of NomadPower! Would you like to know more about NomadPower or one of our other smart solutions? Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.